Monday, August 29, 2011

Benefits of Blogging for Companies

Linkedin:  They use their blog for many different things.  When first going onto their blog you see a video that shows what interns typically do there for them.  This is an entertaining video and makes you want to work for them.  They also then explain what they are doing in the video.  Their blog also has a link to apply for a job as well as a link to fallow on twitter.  There is no doubt through the pictures on their blog makes the company seem a lot more interesting and would make me more likely to want to work there

Zappos:  They use their blog in many ways similar to Linkedin.  The main difference is that their blog looks less interesting.  They use twitter along with their blogs in that each post people can retweet and comment on.  They also have an entertaining video, and their blog is defiantly more interesting than just going on their company email.

Whole Foods:  They use their blog to promote all the good they are doing and how they get kids involved.  Since their blog has a green background it seems more interesting than the other blogs that were just plain white. They have links to their Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, videos, and podcasts.  The main post they have shows how kids can make their own garden with a water bottle.  They also have various categories linked on their blog where you can see post that cater towards their categories.

Whole Foods:  The seconded blog post from their blog still has all the same links.  Although this is a different post it still caters towards kids and is about their lunch and snack foods.  This post shows how they are giving away something to lucky winners.  It also goes into details about how parents can pack snacks for their kids and what they should be eating.


This is David Snyder’s blog. The main purpose of this blog is so that I will be able to do all my English 290 class assignments. I plan to discuss anything that my teacher assigns to me. I am taking this class because it is needed in my major, which is accounting.  I expect that this class will help me with the way people communicate in an office setting.  It will improve my ability of emailing as well as being able to make a fellow coworker do something for me without them thinking I am making them do something.  Also I hope to gain a better ability in creating blogs since I have never used a blog before today.