Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Videos on Job's

Ten Commandments of Résumés:
I found the video on the ten commandments of a résumé to be very interesting and helpful.  First they tell you to market yourself to show that you will benefit them by having the skills and knowledge.  I didn’t realize that your résumé should be more of a sales pitch then just fact and to make sure to excite the employer.  Also to make sure to list why you are qualified for this job which seems like you should cater each résumé for each job application.  I would be sure to use all these points and the rest of the Ten Commandments when I go to make my résumé so that it will increase the likelihood that a company will invite me in for an interview.  This would hopefully lead me to getting the job of my dreams.

Finding a Job:
I found this video on finding a job to be helpful, because it wasn’t just information, but also about how to find what you’re passionate about.  I found that the best way to get a job is through a referral, which I already assumed it to be, so that wasn’t useful.  Although I found the idea of finding someone with a connection to be useful about how you need to put yourself out there.  I also thought the idea of making a blog about your skills almost like an online résumé to be a really cool and good idea.  Also thought it was interesting that you should put keywords in your résumé so that the machine will find your résumé.  All of the things and more I will be using in my future job search.  I also learned about what should be in the cover letter paragraph by paragraph which I never knew before.  I will also use all the information on résumés when I begin to create my own to help land me the job of my dreams.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


In my nineteen years of liven I have yet to write a résumé, and would still be saying that next year if it wasn’t for this business communication class.  I have received little advice on writing a résumé since I have yet to go through the process of writing one.  The little advice I have heard is to make sure it looks professional, is typed, and is kept to one page.  I would think the general form education, experience, and personal detail would work fine in writing a résumé for anyone.  However since I have little amount of experience I might want to add another section to the résumé so that it looks long enough and consist of less white space.  If I had to write my résumé today I would fallow the outline the book gives and then ask for outside help from either one of my parents of my business communication teacher.