Monday, October 3, 2011

Bad News

The way a person response to news that causes you to have a negative emotional response deepens on the situation. In some cases you have to hide your emotion from it and other times you can include it in the response. For example if your boss informs you on a new policy that everyone is to fallow like having to clock in and out of work. In this situation you have to take your feeling of upset and swallow it, and this is because your boss would just find you getting upset as a bad thing and could cause grounds for firing. Now on the other hand if a colleague informs you about his new plans and wants your opinion on the plan you would allow your emotions in the response. This means if you disagree with his plan you should tell him, but before you do that you should go over how it sounds because you don’t want to come across disrespectful or angry at your colleague.

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